Turning Casual Relationship Into Serious Relationship

How to Turn A Casual Relationship Serious

It seems to be the case the women are often times the ones who want to turn a sexual dating fling into a serious, “real” relationship.

So, this page is mostly written for women (although these are applicable to a degree also if you’re a man). So, let’s get going here…

How to turn casual relationship into serious relationship

You want him to forget the dating and enter into relationship

First of all, welcome to the club. There are probably tens of thousands of women in a dating situation just like yours…

The story is pretty much the same. You’ve met him either at a dating site or in a bar or somewhere like that.

You had a passionate night with him.

And then a second one.

After the third one you started thinking of him a little bit “too much” for your comfort level. In addition, considering the fact that you weren’t even dating, that gave you something extra to think about.

Casual dating to relationship


But the sex was so good!


You just forgot about your problems when you were with him.

So, quite naturally you pulled him with all your might to get form dating into a serious relationship. You might have suffered through a more sexually free phase (or you might have thoroughly enjoyed it) and now you would like to forget about just dating him and move into a serious relationship.

All right, so how do you take your current dating situation into a relationship without having him start resenting you and worse – leave altogether?


How to turn your relationship with him into a serious one?

So, the first answer is the one you don’t want to hear: you simply can NOT force it in dating no matter how much much your heart might disagree. And worse, by trying to force it you’re most likely just going to end up pushing him away altogether.

Now, here’s a way to go about doing it the right way.

From casual to relationship

1. Chill out

Chill the hell out, girl. Stop pushing and bringing it up all the time. Go do something else for a change with your life and take it easy. Let me tell you once again, trying to PUSH it does not work in dating. Your neediness and insecurity (or “persistence” if you want to lie to yourself a little bit) is going to come of not as your deep dedication to him, but as extremely unattractive.

2. Become more attractive to him

This is the million dollar question right here… How DO you become more attractive to any man for that matter? Well, one of the best ways is to not be AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME. Men like challenge (although they might not admit it), especially in dating, and if there’s none, the interest is simply going to die immediately. Keep him working a little bit to get your attention, and you’re making it easier for him to see you as a potentially good partner.

3. Give him space

It’s very attractive when a woman is not PUSHING. Women who are trying to force it are simply unattractive no matter what your opinions are about the topic. So let him be. Let him wonder from time to time how you’re doing. Let him have some sex with other women and be okay with it. This way he’s going to start thinking that you’re not insecure, which is very attractive (both for men and women).

4. Keep on giving him the sex of his life

That’s how you started dating in the first place, right? Well, you don’t want THE ONE thing to start dwindling. Not only only keep on giving him great sex, but make it be even better over time. Learn a couple of new tricks. Learn to suck him like a queen, and soon you’ll be one. There’s nothing sexier than a sexually open-minded and flexible woman, who can please a man like nothing else.

Oh, and once you do get into a relationship, never ever stop giving him good sex. Be the best he’s ever got.


Casual to relationship

It’s understandably frustrating to be dating if your desire is a serious relationship if he’s not yet ready for it. And I know being patient is probably the last thing you would want to do, but it just so happens that that IS the way to go from more sex-filled relationship into to serious one.

So go ahead and put these dating lessons to use. Difficult as it may seem, I know you can do it. If you have been able to attract him to you, I’m sure you also know how to turn a casual relationship serious.


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