How To Find And Get Casual Sex

How To Find And Get Casual Sex Easy And FAST

Casual dating is such a FANTASTIC topic. And it’s not only a fantastic topic to talk about, but it’s also a GREAT add-on to a well-functioning life.

Look… If you’re not seeing at least one hot girl you can call anytime for some hot piece of action… Dude, you’re missing out on some SERIOUS juice in your life.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

how to get casual sex

How does one ACTUALLY get free casual dating sex in REAL LIFE?

It’s a great question. Here’s the answer.

The way to find lots of casual sex comes down to 2 simple things: having lots of conversations, and the ability to take them to casual dates and casual dating.

Does that make sense? You simply need to be able to start conversations with hot chicks, go on a date with them and then lead the whole thing into bedroom.


As I wrote last time the absolutely BEST way to get tons of hot conversations going is to tap into the free casual sex dating sites. And boy, are there some sites out there! Check that link out for NINE different sites (either totally free or very low-cost), that’ll work for just about any kind of desire you might have.

You want tight college girls? You’ve got it.

Experienced cougars to lead you into such sexual universe you didn’t even know existed? Yep, there are actually SEVERAL dating sites filled with naughty cougars.

Looking for extra excitement by wanting to fuck married women? You got it.

And on and on and on…


So, in my opinion the absolutely best way to find casual sex is to create SEVERAL, good profiles into various online casual dating sites.

Most men (who never get laid by the way…) make the mistake of either not registering to ANY site (hint: 100% failure rate) or they simply fuck around at one site. What’s with that?

Don’t these guys want to get casual passion after all?


If you want to be successful at this, you can’t afford to get all sloppy. Especially in the very beginning, you’re going to stumble a little bit. That’s fine. Keep on going, because most of your competition has given up already.

So, go ahead and click here to learn the 9 BEST casual dating sites and create a profile on EACH of them. Then we’ll have a look at how to take things from there.

Go on, I’ll wait…

casual sex


How to get casual sex out of casual dating sites

Cool. So you did the profiles.

Now, how do you turn all of that online presence into actual, real-life action?

There are a couple of pointers to keep in mind.

1. Don’t be a boring-ass idiot

Excuse me my language, but that’s the way most men are coming across at dating sites. Women have this sort of like sixth sense for weeding out guys like that in less than a second (oh, and there will be no second chance.)

What’s a boring-ass idiot? Well, it’s the guy who’s sending messages like “hey babe, great tits”

You see, hit like that is not going to go very well, because women are not looking for a weak man.- especially the ones that’ll give you the HOTTEST sex known to man. If you give away all of your power to a woman, it’s over.

2. Take the lead

Do NOT wait for woman to send you the first message. That’s very unlikely to happen, because that’s not her job. It’s YOUR job to be the leader and make her feels safe and sexy. If she doesn’t feel like she can trust you and if she doesn’t feel sexy around you, sex is not going to happen.

3. Don’t be needy

Listen… Casual sex is not about finding your soulmate. Not initially anyway. So, you don’t want to give off this “Oh I need you so” type of a vibe. Instead, you should be very casual about the dating – ironically enough.

Now, how do you get into that cool, indifferent state of mind that will practically guarantee you get laid like a rockstar?

find casual sex

The absolutely biggest secret on how to get casual sex

The absolutely BEST way to not appear needy is to NOT BE ONE.

Now, this might seem obvious, but how do you become “not needy”?

It’s actually very simple. You simply need to CREATE choices in your life. That’s it.

If you think you don’t have any right now, that’s fine. I didn’t say you should be born with choices. I said you need to create choices – out of thin air if you must.

And again, THE best way to accomplish that is to have lots of stuff going on online dating. I don’t understand why men don’t create more profiles online. It’s so simple, fast and often times either totally free or low cost. You simply create mesmerising profiles that will do the hard work you day and night while you go about enjoying your day.

Then, you simply log into your dating sites, and feel delighted to notice all the dozens of messages from hot women form all over the place. Now, how about that? You think you’re ever going to feel needy if you have dozens of even hotter chicks anxiously waiting to get dating you?



And you know what? Become TRULY indifferent to the outcome and you become so magnetic to girls they’re going to want to fuck you right then and there on the phone.

And while we’re at it, why the hell not? Phone action can be SO hot, and surprisingly women enjoy it so much you wouldn’t BELIEVE!


How to take things from casual conversation into a full-blown fuck fest

Let me just be honest with you here.

The absolutely biggest, baddest, ugliest part of the job is to get LOTS of conversations going (something most professional masturbators are not willing to do.) After that one, everything flows smoothly.

You simply suggest you guys meet. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive. A simple walk by some beautiful scenery is all you need.

Then you go in there and talk. Be a gentleman. A man with such sexual energy (coming from having options) that SHE will lead you to bed. She’ll come up with an excuse (of course you can help here on this).

“Umm, would you like to see the __ we talked about?”

“It’s okay, I live just half a mile away, and besides, it’s not even 9 PM yet.”

Then you just get in there without acting weird and screwing up.

That’s it!

If you’re reading this and would like to learn how to get casual sex, all you ever really need to do is to build that online presence. I suggest you read and take some notes on the page I wrote about the free casual sex dating sites. Most of the biggest battle will be fought right there. And I’ve made it as easy for you as I possibly can.

All right. Here you can read all the articles about casual dating.

Make sure to read all the other posts as well now that you’re here. It’ll be SO worth it if you really want to learn how to get casual sex.


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