Casual Relationship

How To Have A Casual Relationship Filled With Hot SEX And Freedom…

You are having more and more sex, so much so that all the sex is beginning to pile up. That’s when your choices are really wide, but you should probably make some decisions…

Is this person X or Y the kind of person you would like to spend time even outside the sex part? Fun as casual sex is, there’s still room for plenty many other things in life.

But before we jump into the points revealing whether you should consider a relationship or not, let’s first have a look at what a casual relationship even IS.

So, here’s the way it works… First you get online and get an abundance of hot casual sex. After you’ve done that and gotten some people to have sex with you regularly, you might start seeing some of them a bit more than others. After that you might consider taking things beyond just having sex with some of these people, which is when we talk about casual relationships.

Now, casual relationship is still not a “serious” relationship (we’ll get to that). It’s just a bit more serious than having sex or simple casual dating. You are being honest about your sex life, and more importantly, there’s something else that you guys do together than just fuck each other. That’s what you call a casual relationship.


How to know if you should consider a relationship?

It’s not like every person is right for a relationship – let alone a casual one. Crude as it sounds but some people are simply best for sex, and sex only. So, how do you know if you should seriously consider taking things a little bit deeper with her?

Well, turns out that there ARE some things you could look for when considering such decision. Let’s have a look at those now.

1. You enjoy being with her

Seems obvious enough, but definitely a very important point here. If you go grudgingly see her just to get some sex, it’s probably not going to be a very wise move for you (or for her for that matter) to consider a relationship.

2. The sex is working really well

One might think that you don’t even get to a sex if it’s not good. Well, rarely do you encounter sex that’s PERFECT in any way. There are often times at least some things that are not working etc. Well, how good is it? If sex is really good, there’s a higher chance that the actual relationship is going to work as well.

3. Both of you are mature

Look… Sex relationships are not going to work if you guys are acting all insecure and needy and all that. You both have to be already pretty happy about your own lives if you are to consider relationship with each other.

It’s really easy to get sex online, so both of you need to be aware of this and accept the fact.

4. You understand each other really well

Having a relationship is not going to be easy at times, so it certainly helps if both of you feel like you really understand each others needs really well. Opposites might attract, but deeper relationships just work better with people that are at least in some critical ways similar to yourself.


Tips on how to have a casual relationship

So, how do you get into a casual relationship?

First of all of course, you need to have an abundance of sex flowing into your life right now.

Right? You just HAVE to be able to pull sex out of the internet (or real world) whenever you want, otherwise you’re likely to start feeling jealous and living in the scarcity mindset.

Imagine dating a woman, who’s having all kinds of hot sex all the time while you’re left licking your fingers. That’s not going to work – not in a million years!

You should be the guy whose sex is in DEMAND, and the absolutely best way to go about that one is to have active online dating presence that’s getting you sex 24/7 on autopilot, every hour the day whether you actively work on it or think about it or not.

Next, you need to have some deeper understanding about women and their needs. It’s not enough to just be able to put your cock inside of one. It really actually DOES help if you have some sensitivity to women (it’s kind of funny how shy and introverted men seem to get this the easiest). Right? If you can’t meet her on a human level, no matter what kind of player you are, you’re just not going to get very far with her (not to the relationship level, anyway).


Transitions between casual dating phases are critical

Want to know exactly how to get a casual relationship? Here’s the way it works…

When you have had sex with her for some time, let’s just say couple of months… And both of you have clearly indicated that you like each other more than as just sex buddies…

It’s probably going to be very natural for you to move for sex only and continue a phase you might call a casual relationship. It’ll be very natural and there should be no anxiety, weirdness or anything like that. As a matter of fact, trying to force a casual relationship is going to create just ALL KINDS of problems right from the get go.

As an example, if she wants to have a “serious” (often synonym for exclusive) relationship, but you simply want to have sex, it’s not going to take a whole of thinking to understand that there will be problems ahead.

So, BOTH of you should want to keep it light in order for it to work.

And here’s a tip: it’s generally better if the woman wants the sex relationship to be serious a bit more than you do.

A BIT more, mind you. If it’s all her and 0 on your part, again it’s not going to work. But if there’s just a little tiny bit more desire to turn it totally serious on her part, she’s going to let you do whatever you want, and it’ll work just beautifully.

So, to recap…


You begin by getting tons of hot sex online in order to wash yourself out of the poisonous state of being needy and jealous (none of the stuff mentioned here will work if you are in those states predominantly).

Next, you have noticed that there is some deeper connection between the two of you. Something that goes even deeper than just hot sex.

Finally, you don’t force it, but it just seems to happen naturally on top of great sex. This is the way on how to get a casual relationship.

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