Casual Date Ideas

Casual Date Ideas For Getting To Sex The Easy Way…

So, you’ve booked a date. Now what?

There are couple of really important things to keep in mind when going on a date – especially a date that’s more geared towards sex in somehow. So, let’s have a look at some ideas for turning that date into a mutually fun dance towards the thing both of you ultimately want.

casual date ideas

 The 4 Casual Date Ideas For Making Your Date A Success

1. The date can’t be all about sex

Many men probably think that just because they started the conversation off on a pretty hot tone – maybe even had some phone sex before going on a date – that naughtyness would be what the date is all about as well. Not so.

The one thing to keep in mind is that sex date is always a topic you sort of like need to dance around a little bit. There is certain mystery about sex that has to be respected. There’s a certain dance involved in the process, and it can’t be ignored.

So, the tip here is this: EVEN THOUGH the conversation started out by talking naughty, maybe even sending nude pictures and having phone sex, you simply can NOT go on a date thinking you’re going to immediately continue from where you left off.


2. Be normal

Read the first rule again. Many men are living in SUCH scarcity about sex, that when they finally think they’re going to get some, they go absolutely nuts about it. Don’t do that (oh, and the BEST way to not feel like that is to KNOW you have DOZENS of hot chicks begging to go on a date with you. Want to know how to do just that? Click here.)

Another thing about acting normal on a date is this: be very much okay with your own sexuality. Right? If you think there’s something – ANYTHING – bad in wanting to have sex with a beautiful woman, that really needs to be fixed that immediately.

Here’s why…

If you think there’s something bad in wanting to have a sex date, that’s going to come through when you go on a date. She is going to sense that there’s something that’s not quite normal here… She won’t be able to tell it to you, but she will definitely FEEL it. And the way this manifests is that you secretly want sex (or fear sex happening, either way), but on your demeanor you act totally different.

Now, there’s a HUGE difference in being sexual and starving for sex. You can certainly turn your sexuality on, but don’t focus on sex on a date, it’ll make you look really weird on a date.

date ideas

3. Turn on your sexuality

The date is all about ending up in bed (in this case). So, you can not end up in bed, if your date doesn’t perceive you as being sexual. Sexuality might very well be one of THE most misunderstood topics there are, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant for your dating success.

Here’s the way it goes…

It’s indeed possible to be HIGHLY sexual, without being all about sex. And it’s possible to appear be a sex machine without actually being sexual at all.

We don’t have enough space here to into a full-blown discussion on what sexuality is, but I recommend you amp it up by becoming a man of abundant date choices. How? Again, get dozens of horny girls BEGGING to go on a date with you, that’s how.

date ideas for casual dates

4. No serious shit on first date

Look… There will be plenty of time to go into deep discussions about politics, religion and all that once you guys have survived the first date (and several thereafter), had mind-blowing sex and agreed that you like her and she likes you.

Launching into too deep topics on the first date is just going to ruin everything. I understand there’s a little bit of an art form to this: you can’t be overly explicit on a date, but neither is jumping into these very deep topics very wise. So, choose wisely, and the first date should definitely be a success.

So, here are some casual date ideas for you to test out. I think you should be on a date at least once a week for as long as it takes for you to get good at the date game. It has also the added benefit of your confidence quickly jumping into unheard-of levels. It’s the funniest thing, but once you start going on lots of casual dates, you tend to become more relaxed, and thus, more magnetic to women instantly. They’ll feel your confidence and they just cant’ WAIT to take their clothes off for you.

So, there you have it! Make sure to read all the pages on this site for even more casual date ideas.


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