Here, imagine this…

It’s been a long week for you.

You come home, and rush into your favorite casual dating site.

Once there, you notice a message.

It’s from her.

You know who she is. Oh, do you ever know who she is…. She’s the one you’ve been looking for. That perfect mixture of giggly femininity that just instantly turns you on and the incredibly hot passion underneath the surface.

You have been messaging back and forth with her.

casual commando

Messages (1)

Your heart pounds as you reach your inbox.

It’s from her.

Call me tonite bad boy 😉

Your heart starts racing like you were chased by a lion.

Call her? Holy fuck…

Man, she’s HOT.

Your mind goes back to all the dozens of times you’ve stalked her profile. The way your dick just instantly got hard by looking that bend over…

Those perfect tits…

She rubbing her pussy for you…

She wants you, and she’s not willing to wait any longer.

casual sex

Then it happens

You grab your cellphone and dial in her number. You can feel your heart beating like it’s about to jump right out of your chest as you reach the last number.


It dials for the first time.

Then second time.

Third time…


You introduce yourself, and she just immediately leaps to greet you with voice so high and so feminine you almost lose your composure for a while.

So nice you called! I’ve been expecting a call from you, bad boy…

Whoa! She’s calling you bad boy! Could that have something to do with the fact that you followed the Casual Commando way, and didn’t hand her all your power at one sitting?

So, you chit chat about all kinds of stuff.

You find it surprisingly easy to talk with her. And the more you talk, the more relaxed you become.

It’s becoming very obvious to you, that she is starting to feel VERY comfortable with you as well…

casual sex dating

I don’t usually do anything like this, but… I’m feeling a bit naughty right now…

You keep on touching your cock through your jeans as you look at her pictures.

(I can’t BELIEVE I’m talking to this girl right now!)

Yeah, me too hun.

You guys really hit it off, so you suggest you guys meet.

casual dates

You meet HER

You’re waiting right where you said you would be. It’s around 7 minutes to the time you agreed when you see a girl approaching you.

Is that her?

A woman dressed in beige scarf and black jacket walks towards you and starts to smile. Now you know it’s her.

(Holy fuck how hot she is!)

You must be Melissa?

You smile and reach out to give her a hug, which she graciously accepts. She smiles like she just won a million dollars, and she pushes her body next to yours.

As she does, you notice she’s taking just a wee bit longer to give you a hug. You wonder whether it’s an accident that you clearly feel her tits pushing against you, and her thigh in the middle of your legs, where your cock is resting…

So nice to finally meet you!

It doesn’t take a genius to see that she means it.

casual sex dates

So, you guys have a great evening together… At a bar she’s listening to you like you were the only person in the whole PLANET today. Whatever you say, her eyes widen to take in every single word you utter.

You love listening to her laughter – that almost adolescent giggle – that’s so pure and so innocent.

She keeps on looking at you, slowly stroking the straw in her drink up and down…

You notice her foot jerking gently, and as you smile, she blushes and smiles ever so innocently.

Would you like to have another drink? I live nearby, so…

Is SHE inviting you to HER place? Whoa!

Yeah, sure.

What the…

You watch her ass twisting from side to side in her tight jeans as you walk into her place. You can’t help it, but there’s something that’s growing inside of your jeans as well as you admire that godly view.

Here we are!

She holds the door open for you, and as you go in, you can smell the fragrance she’s wearing.

getting laid

She pours a drink for the two of you and comes sit next to you at a sofa. She has turned all the way to your direction, and she’s giggling along, sometimes lightly touching you as you guys talk.

So… What do you think about my pictures?

You know the pictures she’s referring to.

(What do I think about them? Well, the 5th time I exploded to your tits, I thought they are very nice.)

I like your pictures. A lot.

You look at her in the eye as you say the last two words.

She puts her drink down and moves her fingers up and down your arm. It feels so good!

You grab her hair and you hear her gasp as she grabs your hand.

You reach out to her and approach her lips she is biting.

You kiss her. Her tongue is so soft and submissive… Suddenly you feel like you have absolute control over her mind and body.

So you grab her whole body and carry her to the bed room…

You kiss her neck up and down, really taking your time… God she smells so good!

hot sex

She presses her trim hips against you and rubs her ass against your cock. You keep on kissing her and grab her tits through her shirt. She gasps loudly and puts her hands on top of yours…

Take it off, she whispers to you.

You don’t have to be told twice. You undress her shirt, and bras, and grab her nude tits again.

(Holy fuck!)

You feel your cock instantly get rock hard when you play with those tits… Her nipples are so hard and erect, and she keeps on moaning for more as you rub her tits.

Touch me, bad boy!

You start moving your hand slowly lower and lower on her body. She unbuttons her jeans and they drop to the floor. As you move your hands she is hunting for your belt end to open it. She finds it and unbuttons it.

You can feel her thongs rubbing your boxer shorts, which makes you so hard you’ve hardly ever been. Her ass is so delicate, and your cock fits perfectly in between her ass cheeks…

You reach her panties, and rub her through them. She’s so wet already that your fingers get soaking wet from her hornyness…

You reach underneath her panties, and feel her wet pussy starving for your touch. It’s so wet you can clearly see the sounds her fingers make on her pussy, and it turns you on so bad!

She gets on her knees and starts rubbing your boxers. After a while, she looks you in the eye, and takes your cock out of your boxers… As she does, she smiles admiringly – not necessarily because of the size of your dick, but because it belongs to YOU.


She’s your girl, and she wants to please you real good right now. You feel her grabbing your dick at its very root, and she licks you all the way from the very bottom to the very top. As she licks and swallows the drop that’s dripping from your hard cock, she smiles like an angel…

She’s deepthroating you and you enjoy listening to the sound of it – even the occasional gag she gives you.

You’ve been a bad girl, Melissa. Now is the time you get some tough love you deserve.

She just LOVES it.

You can see her rubbing her dripping wet pussy as she’s choking on your cock. It’s obvious no one has ever given her anything like this…


How Does The Story End?

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